Knitting Happened

No blogging, just knitting and working. But at least I have been knitting. I took some pictures a couple weeks ago of my current projects. Here are some of the things I have been working on:

Fall Mystery Shawl
This is really what I consider my first REAL lace project.  It is sometimes frustrating, but also very fun.  I've fallen behind, though.  I intend to finish before the end of the year.

The purple socks were a mystery sock for the Solid Socks group on Ravelry.  They are a fun knit, and have a beautiful heel when I finally get there.  I am theoretically knitting them 2 at a time from each end of the skein.  But mostly I've knit them one at a time.  The green socks are from Purl Soho.  They are called Pompom Peds, I believe.  I've already knit one pair.  They are pretty easy since they are shorties.

Christmas Sweater

One of my christmas sweaters.  They are part of my Christmas Challenge this year.  The challenge being to make some presents and instill a love and respect for handmade things in my kids.

My Chore Sweater

 This sweater is supposed to be my chore sweater this fall and winter.  When it is finished, anyway.  I can't wait because it has been a long time in the works.  I thought about using this yarn (lion brand fishermen's wool) for a sweater for a couple years.

I am getting REALLY sick and tired of the weather around here. It was a wet, cool September after a very HOT summer. We will not can any tomatoes this year. Or pickles. I feel a bit like our garden was a failure. But we had a garden and we are eating from it. I had wanted a much bigger garden, but I doubt we could have kept up with it when I was sick and for the month after when I was still feeling weak. We went from mostly 100's to mostly 60's and that is not good for ripening tomatoes. Our cucumbers just never did much and a neighbor told us theirs were the same. Most of ours didn't even germinate. Just a bad garden year for us, I guess. We did get a lot of zuchini, and my track record with them is not good. I can plant a row of them and get 3 plants that have 3 or 4 fruits on them. Fortunately, my husband likes to grow them and he has great luck with them. My big garden success has been herbs. I have dried lots of herbs this year.

Next year, I think we will have a crop of lambs to eat. I'm thinking I will breed all the ewes that aren't related to the ram so we can have some tasty meat in the freezer. And I'll hope they are all ram lambs. Ram lambs are rotten little pills and you can't wait to off them by the time fall comes. They are cute at first. And then they turn naughty. First it is a cute naughty, and then you start to hate the little b*st*rds. Ewe lambs, like all girls, are different than boys. It is all about the hormones I think. Ram lambs like to beat the crap out of anything and everything. But they sure do taste good!

As much as I have complained about the cool weather, it has be nice. I do worry that we'll have a long cold autumn followed a by a long cold winter, but it is nice to not be hot all the time. A couple years ago the snow settled in a month early and I knew I would never make it in the far north where winter lasts 6 months. I enjoy this part of year where the days get shorter and shorter. It is a time when I feel closest to my ancestors and to the earth.


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