So long, not much to say. I've been knitting on a secret project for a while. It is going out in the mail next week, so knitting will maybe get more blogging excitement going around here. If I blogged about the secrety project, it might not be a secret to the recipient, after all.

I want to fix our house. It has too much stuff in it. There is too much disorganization. Too much 'why is this STILL sitting here?!' Ever since I got home from the hospital, I have been wanting to get things straightened out. I've always been worried I would die and leave my kids too much stuff to deal with. Only I almost died and left my husband with all that to deal with. A few weeks ago I started digging out our bedroom and have made a lot of headway. It is the one room I tend to ignore when we clean up. No one ever sees it, so I don't bother about it. The first day I went in telling myself to find 15 things to toss and 15 things to put away. It turned to be hard to find 15 to put away. It was mostly stuff to toss and things that needed washed. But I did it and more. Yay. I have been trying to keep up with doing a little every chance I get, but Thanksgiving got in the way this week. Maybe by Christmas it will be like a real room.

I have had to face the fact that we tend to be slobs. So I have worked at changing my habits and doing better. I actually love things organized. I would love to have more open space in our house and there is only one way to do that. Get rid of stuff.


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