Ending the Year Right

It is that time of year again. The end. I love Christmas break and not having to go anywhere. This year I decided it was definitely time to clean out the craft area. It had sort of downgraded into a pit of awfulness. It was horrible. I couldn't sew or do any actual crafting there. There really aren't any good descriptive words I can think of. Worst of all, it is part of our living room, so it isn't like you can just hide the mess. Nope, its right there for EVERYONE to see. But now it is a lot better. I have cleared out junk (and there was A LOT of it), moved furniture, reorganized, and thought about giving up and crying once or twice. Or more. I am not done yet, but it is not the eyesore it was a week ago. I no longer have to make hair sticks in the kitchen. Yes!!!

I have realized that I have WAY more yarn than I thought I did. WAY more. We may be pretty darn broke right now, but there is no reason I can't keep knitting for the next couple years. None at all. And that in no way takes into account the yarn I dye and sell. I finally threw away some of the yarn that was really old and had been kicking around the family for about 60 years. More than my 41 years, anyway. And I bagged up some to donate. The rest gets to stay and be made into stuff.

For years my husband has been saying I have way too much yarn. It turns out he was right. So this year I am going to just knit things I have the yarn on hand for. I have a bunch of yarn that was bought for particular projects, so I will start with them. There is a long sleeved, hooded sweater with cables, a wrap thing, and a vest just for starters.

Today I am letting the kids get started on putting away the Christmas stuff. This year I let them set up the trains and the Christmas village all by themselves. They loved it and they even seem to be enjoying putting it all away. Generally, we wait and do everything on the first, but Brent has hinted that he won't be able to start his resolution if it is all still out. Apparently, if he can't get up and use the weight bench, it just can't happen. And if my husband is actually interested in doing something to better his health, I am ALL about making it work for him.

And now we get to my resolutions. I like to make them because I am always changing things up in my life and trying to make something better. Here they are:

  1. I am going to knit more with my own yarn.
  2. I am going to knit at least 6 big projects that I already have the yarn for
  3. Keep up with an exercise schedule
  4. Drink 4 jars of water every day

Some of those resolutions may need some explanation. Knitting “my own yarn” means my Moon Stone Farm Yarn that I sell on Etsy. Projects an Ravelry are yet another way to promote it. Keeping up with an exercise schedule means doing it regularly. I have been sporadic with it most of the fall and not really getting myself into a schedule. I use my exercise bike here and there, run for a week, etc. Exercising, but not on a schedule. I like a schedule. And I like to feel like I am getting stronger. The water. Ever since my kidney stone surgery, I am supposed to drink a ton of water every day. So I have these 4 canning jars I fill with water every day. They are 24 oz jars and one of them has a special drinking lid Brent made for me that is fitted with a stainless steel straw. I have a really hard time getting to that 4th jar every day. When I do, it makes feel great.

I hope every one out there has a fantastic new year!


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