Year of Making

I saw a hash tag on Instagram last week that got me fascinated. Year of making. I googled it and read about it. And decided that it was something I really want to do. So this is my first year of making post. A nearly finished sock: 

This is also my first post done entirely from my phone. I've been trying to figure out how to do this for a while now. I am excited to have finally figured it all out. And without the help of a child. 

Speaking of the little knitters, Knitter #2 is turning 12 soon. I can not believe it has been that many years since I  became a mom. Or that I've been married for 13 years. Anyway, back to the birthday. She wants a blue cake with blue frosting. Tomorrow I will be attempting it. I bought more blue food coloring this week. I am interested to see how much it takes to make a whole cake blue. 

I hope to finish my Ravello sweater this weekend and start concentrating more on my Hapalong shawl. I am halfway down the second sleeve. I'll be done with the stripes soon. I bet if I weren't typing up this post, I'd finish tonight. 


Michelle said…
So can you give a middle-aged lady a tutorial on posting from your phone???

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