A Summer Clear Out!

Summer arrived and is flying by. How have you been spending yours? Me? I've been doing a whole house clean out.

I started with the kitchen which really still needs work. I had to clear out all the piles of paper that had stacked up throughout the school year. And I had to admit that the fruit stand living on our table is just not ever going to work. That thing attracts clutter like nobody's business. Our table has now stayed clean for over a month. I moved on to the living room which was not in terrible shape, so it was pretty easy to straighten out. Now I am on the master bedroom. It is the catch all of the house. Like a tornado exploded. That room is definitely going to take a while. I have the rest of the summer, so I feel optimistic that I can make it happen. Mostly I need to throw a lot of stuff away. And put stuff away. We have a rocking chair in there that collects things. When I forget to put the laundry away, I just set it on the chair. If I forget to put some books away before Brent goes to bed? Yup.

Today I was putting things away and realized I didn't have room in my drawer for long sleeve tops. So I went through it. I got real about some shirts I haven't worn in a while and now I have plenty of room in that drawer. It always feels good to just get rid of a bunch of clothes you never wear. Well, I do anyway.

I have been knitting. And I have been trying to do the year of making. But I found pretty quickly that posting pictures every single day was not going to work for me. I don't want to post pictures of the socks I am knitting every day. BORING. So I quit trying to post every day and just post when I have something worth showing. I am doing all the posting on Instagram.

Here is my Hansel for Hapalong:

I was so excited when I got to start adding colors. All that gray was getting boring. I am not sure about the two shades of purple, but I grabbed them out of my stash rather than dyeing my own like I did with the gray.

Working out of the stash might be my thing the rest of the year. I started a Pi shawl with purple BFL that I dyed for myself a couple years ago:

The ball I started with is leftover from a scarf last summer. It feels good to be using up leftovers and stash. I have wanted to make EZ's Pi shawl for a long time. Last winter I decided I would start it in July, just like it is in Knitters Almanac. I've always wanted to make something out of that book in the month that Elizabeth Zimmerman put it in. Just because it seemed like fun. So I am.


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