A Sunday Walk

Sunday afternoon the girls and I went for a walk to the creek. It isn't far away, maybe half a mile. While I was standing on a bridge looking down in the murky spring run off, my eldest wax looking elsewhere. Down at the deck of the bridge to be exact:

She told me to look at the track, and it took me a moment to really register what I was looking at. That is a big mountain lion track. Clearly, it wasn't fresh, but I still stopped and looked around. Sometimes after you see a track or hear someone saw big cat around where you live, you get paranoid and look for them all the time. For me, the reality is that they are always around. However, next time we walk to the creek, I will pack a gun.

I still knit! In my hiatus, I seem to have perfected my sock pattern. It has been an adventure getting a plain vanilla sock to fit my skinny feet. There is nothing worse than socks that won't stay up on my skinny leg and are too loose on my feet. These socks fit so well:

They make me so happy!


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