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I wish I had some cool finished object pictures, but I don't. All I want to do is sew, and all I have been doing is knitting. It's just one of those things. If you have a long project that you really need to finish, you don't want to work on it. You want to go do something else. That is where I am. I am tired of christmas knitting. I want to do some me knitting or some me sewing. Well, sewing at the least. I do have a christmas sewing project for my sweetie, but it ran short on fabric. Very annoying. I must have just guessed at how much fabric I would need. Have to get more.

I whittled down my list of christmas knitting to one more bear. I am currently working on a pillow that is BORING. There is no way I could take the achy fingers that the bunny caused. I need more socks and there aren't going to be more socks until the second bear is finished. The first one was really fun to knit, too.

Somewhere recently someone (probably the add knitter) mentioned that they were seeing a lot of fair isle knitting in the knitting magazines. I think they were right. I 've been seeing a lot of short row shaping, too. Previous to the bears, I think most of the shortrow shaping I have done was in sock heels. I really enjoyed all the short rows in the bear because it never gets boring. You aren't doing the same thing row after row. It keeps your mind alert. Some times you do want something you don't have to think on. Something that can relax you and be mindless.

Anyway, I am going to be thinking of all those people out there who don't give themselves the christmas knitting headache until I finish mine! Those smart people...... (oh sure, their kids won't be delighting in handknit bears on Christmas morning, but they ARE knitting something fun right now)


Robin said…
Sing it, sister - I am so SICK of Christmas knitting that I SWEAR I will never attempt this again. At least I am in better shape than last year when I was sewing seams on Christmas Eve! Hang in there!
Lone Knitter said…
I've been itching to sew lately as well. I'm cleaning up an old sewing machine from the 70s. I hope it works. I want to start quilting. My Christmas knitting is not quite done...sigh.
Yes, why do we turn knitting into an unpleasant obligation?? It makes no sense!
lorinda said…
I had VERY low expectations for myself and Christmas knitting. That way no one gets disappointed. Pretty sad, huh?

Can't wait to see the kids and bears together!!!
Rebecca said…
All I want to be doing is knitting, and I am doing is sewing. Why did I decide to make bags to put the gifts in - argh! And, of course, more frantic, late night Christmas knitting (and frogging!). I am going to do better next year, I really am. I already bought yarn for birthday presents (one in Feb. and the other beginning of March) and then I will start my Christmas knitting! Or maybe next year everyone is getting gift cards. I've decided that everyone might like getting their presents from me after Christmas. That way they don't have all the fun on one day, but can have another day of presents. ☺
I am very relieved that all Christmas knitting is done and now it's back to self-indulgent knitting only!!

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