Some New Fabric and a Good Cause

So, I went shopping this week. And this is just a bit of the fun that I found and brought home. The 2 bottom fabrics were in the clearance aisle and are for playing dress up. I am going to hem them and let the children do what they will. The oldest one, anyway. The green with spots fabric was something knitter #2 just had to have. While I was looking for something else, she kept insisting I come look at that fabric. She told me it was her new blanket. Good ploy, it worked. Mom IS a sucker. The striped fabric is mine, all mine. The other green fabric is for the back of my husband’s quilt.

Since I am going to take an art class, one of my aunts said she would take care of the kids while I go have fun. It is a real question who is going to be having more fun. She’s a real spoiler. Anyway, I am going to knit her a sweater for it. I have some more upcoming project ideas. Back before we were married, my husband asked me to knit him this sweater. It looks absolutely horrible because I hadn’t yet realized the true importance of guage. I am going to tear it out and knit it into something that looks a lot better. I should also do the finish work on an afghan I knit a couple years ago. After I finish that afghan, I can put that yarn into the stash to use up. I’ve been having fun using up stuff from my stash.

If you want to use up some of your stash for a good cause, go check out The Lone Knitter. She and her sweetie’s mother are going to make blankets to donate to the hospital where a loved one recently passed away from cancer. You can knit an afghan, 8x8 squares, or a baby blanket to donate (and for entries in her contest).


Lone Knitter said…
Thanks so much for plugging our blanket drive. Your fabric looks great. I think it's high time that I started a fabric stash.
PJ said…
You are an angel! I join the lone knitter in thanking you for plugging our blanket drive. She is such a sweet girl, Manfeet is lucky he met her! I am now fiddling with my new computer and having a devil of a time with my "very young, very basic" blog. I can't get pictures in, I've lost posts, I'm not a quitter but it's starting to get to me.

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