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I want to thank everyone for their nice comments. We have now inherited 2 cats. That means we have 4 cats now. That is a lot of litter box changing…

The weather here has been rotten. The same dreary cold day after day after day. No sun, only an inversion held in place by a lovely high pressure system. No doubt some storm system will come along and push it out and we STILL won’t see the sun. It could be a lot worse. We’ve had these things happen with much colder temperatures. We are just in the 20’s. Anyway, I’ve some lovely pictures of our weather. Last week the fog and cold gave us a beautiful, frosty landscape:

It also gave us some really scary slick roads. Personally, I can’t wait for spring.

Since the New Year, I have a renewed interest in getting my unfinished projects done. I finished my Noro Scarf on Sunday and am hard at several other projects. I haven’t had this kind of knitting mojo in a very long time. Hopefully, finishing projects will bring on even more. Especially since I really, really need some mittens or gloves to wear. Fingerless mitts are a joke. My fingers freeze every time I wear my county fair prize winning mitts. I have yarn in my knitting basket and a pattern waiting in the wings.

And speaking of the County Fair, I have to start thinking up what to make to take to the fair this year. What do you think? Sweater? Something else?


Claire said…
We have adopted six stray cats. They just seem to turn up at our house! it's amazing how much noise they can make. When they're not fast asleep, they're romping around in the upstairs hallway, and what a racket they make :P Have fun with your feline family!
Yes, I am also completely ready for spring!!

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