April, Pups, and Easter

This is how April started:

It accumulated over an inch that morning. You will note it was April 1. It snowed Friday and yesterday, too. WHEN is April going to arrive?!

Well. Yesterday we made a road trip to Nampa to meet someone we will love and adore for many, many years I hope:

This is the puppy I am getting to help herd the sheep. I think we are going to call her Maggie. She will be coming home in about a month.

It is Easter and we’ve had egg hunting. These are the eggs the girls dyed. I made dye with food coloring this year. They are our own home grown eggs:

In the past, I’ve bought eggs when we wanted to have lighter colored eggs. I just mixed darker colors since our eggs don’t allow for yellow or orange eggs. I am going to make notes about this year. I followed instructions on my food coloring box. Using less food coloring, I could have lighter, less intense colors. It doesn’t feel like easter to me without pink eggs. There is something appealing about the dark colored eggs, though. I especially like the experimental ones that came out a purplish black. Perhaps they are dragon eggs…

A funny thing happened the other night. My brother’s dog, Sunny, is staying with while he’s out of town. She is a border collie/spaniel cross. I was putting the sheep and goats up for the night when one of the sheep thought about giving me some trouble. Until he caught sight of Sunny racing up the fence line in the yard. Then he rushed into the barn. He knows what a flash of black and white dog means. There are 3 wonderful working border collies on the farm my sheep came from. I am so happy I will have one here soon!


Quilting Mama said…
What an adorable puppy. I hope she grows to become a wonderful friend, companion, and worker.

The darker eggs are lovely too. I too would miss the pink. Have you thought about trying cake dyes? They are more intense and might give you a pink.
Aww, LOVE your new pup, she's going to be so much fun to have around:)

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