Saturday, August 14, 2010

Busy Day

Today was a yard sale day and back to school shopping day. I had promised the girls they could get one new outfit for school, so we went to Ross and found them each an outfit. But first, we hit the yard sales and I found some prizes:

These little birdies were too sweet to pass by. They’ve found a home in my bathroom.

This little stack of fabric was a great find. I almost never see yarn at a yard sale. And if I do, it isn’t worth buying. Fabric is a whole different story. I got this stuff at a yard sale a while back:

And the pattern here is going to work out well with the plaid wool up above:

I got it at the same yard sale as the vintage lunch box. I love old metal lunch boxes. I got that one for 50 cents.

Sheets can be a great fabric find whether at a thrift shop or a yard sale:

The lavender stuff is for a dress for me, but the floral could be for the kids.

The sweater pictured with the wool fabric up above is going to be felted and turned into something. I am not sure what yet. I have some other wool sweaters from thrifting that I want to felt.

A while back, a package came in the mail all the way from Philadelphia. My blogging friend Eileen of Mama Sews Quilts sent us these ornaments:

They are so adorable! The girls wanted to keep them to play with, but I took them back after they got done showing them off to their grandmother.

And today these little goodies were in the mail box:

I bought them on Etsy from a seller right here in Idaho, Plum Street Fiber Arts. They are DK weight and have a bit of cashmere in them. There’s 230 yards in each skein, so I could make a scarf or hat out of them easily. I don’t think I’ll use them for socks. The yarn feels just fabulous.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Results Are In....

Where is the summer going? When the fair is over, I know the end is near and the dreaded first day of school is coming. Or depending on the day, I may be thrilled to see the first day of school…

The results are in:

Soria was my big winner just as I expected her to be. I wasn’t necessarily expecting the hat and skirt to do well, but I was pleased that they did. My new master plan is to begin planning now for next year. I would like to have an entry for every knitting category. And the planning is always the best part…

The past few days have been downright cold for August. I actually closed every window in the house last night because I was afraid we’d all be shivering by morning. We barely reached 70 yesterday in the late afternoon. That is pretty weird for this time of the year. I love it, though!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Maggie Rocks!

Now that everyone left comments about my running, I’ve stopped running. The first reason was the combination of a sore ankle and a Great Pyrenees LGD. One morning, Maggie and I had to run like hell because the Peruvian guys at the sheep farm couldn’t stop the damn dog. I really thought I might have to let go of the leash and turn to face the dog all while screaming for my husband on the walkie talkie. Maggie can run a lot faster than me and she was pulling me. I didn’t feel I was going to be attacked, but Maggie probably was. The second reason is that Brent got a call from his former boss and has gone back to work. I’m trying to figure out how to make his coffee and lunch AND still be able to go for my run before he has to leave. It might work out if I can get up at 5:45 a.m. instead of 6.

Tomorrow is the day I take things to enter in the fair. I don’t have much. I didn’t get anything finished that I had planned on. I have my Soria vest, a hat, and the skirt I got all the nice comments on. I’m sure that will be plenty. Maybe this year, I can make some things just to take to the fair next summer.

I am keeping with my plan to just knit from my ravelry queue. It’s 4 pages long and I actually have the yarn for 3 or 4 of the larger sweater projects. Sock yarn is not really an issue. And my sock yarn collection is MUCH smaller than many knitters out there.

Here are some things I’ve been working on lately:

A 1950's Vogue dress pattern. I can't wait to get it made and wear it. I love 1950's dresses.

This is the first in a series of hats. I am planning on taking it to the fair, and I plan on making a couple more for the girls to wear to football games this fall. Red and white are our colors. In a small town, everyone wears the colors, not just high school kids.

These are the Bella mittens I was working on for the fair. I haven't gotten much more done on them. They are going to be nice to wear. They go almost to my elbows. I am really loving the lush look of the big cables. For me, lush is the only word to use to describe them.

In past week or two, Maggie has been turning into a real sheep dog. Tonight, she ran the sheep in for me. And she’ll be 5 months old in two days. I am amazed. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but I took the time with her so she could understand what I wanted. It took 2 or 3 tries before she realized I didn’t want her to bring them back to me. The speed of a border collie never ceases to amaze me. They are so fast and so smart it is no wonder 2 or 3 dogs can move a herd of nearly a thousand sheep. I am very pleased that my sheep are learning the fear of dog again. They came from a farm with 3 good border collies, but they became rather snotty about things after being away from dogs for a while. Maggie rocks!