Busy Day

Today was a yard sale day and back to school shopping day. I had promised the girls they could get one new outfit for school, so we went to Ross and found them each an outfit. But first, we hit the yard sales and I found some prizes:

These little birdies were too sweet to pass by. They’ve found a home in my bathroom.

This little stack of fabric was a great find. I almost never see yarn at a yard sale. And if I do, it isn’t worth buying. Fabric is a whole different story. I got this stuff at a yard sale a while back:

And the pattern here is going to work out well with the plaid wool up above:

I got it at the same yard sale as the vintage lunch box. I love old metal lunch boxes. I got that one for 50 cents.

Sheets can be a great fabric find whether at a thrift shop or a yard sale:

The lavender stuff is for a dress for me, but the floral could be for the kids.

The sweater pictured with the wool fabric up above is going to be felted and turned into something. I am not sure what yet. I have some other wool sweaters from thrifting that I want to felt.

A while back, a package came in the mail all the way from Philadelphia. My blogging friend Eileen of Mama Sews Quilts sent us these ornaments:

They are so adorable! The girls wanted to keep them to play with, but I took them back after they got done showing them off to their grandmother.

And today these little goodies were in the mail box:

I bought them on Etsy from a seller right here in Idaho, Plum Street Fiber Arts. They are DK weight and have a bit of cashmere in them. There’s 230 yards in each skein, so I could make a scarf or hat out of them easily. I don’t think I’ll use them for socks. The yarn feels just fabulous.


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