Just To Cheer Me Up.....

I am way past due for posting around here. Lots of interesting things have been happening here. New dryer. Maggie’s birthday. Inability to find a sheep shearer. And that is a big one. Never thought it would be that big of a problem.

How about some pictures of sheepy, goaty cuteness?

The goats always seem to really want me to take their pictures. It's like they are saying "we're the good animals, see how cute we are?" (Ha! I have stories...)

This is Kisses. She belongs to my daughter in so many ways. They are both so girly.

The sheep. Most of them, anyway. They are not being anti social. They are watching a dog make an a** of herself. That would be Maggie.

McLean. Maggie's best friend in the whole world. A BAD sheep. He and Maggie destroyed a gate having good clean fun last year. Bad dog + bad sheep boy = destroyed property.

My Lucy. Lucy chose me. To be chosen by a sheep is special. I think I love Lucy more than any other animal I own. Look at that face! How could anyone not love her?! If I weren't against keeping livestock in the house, she would SO be living in my house. Lucy is the sweetest little thing in the whole world. When I first met her at Stonehaven Farm, she kept seeking me out. I would scratch under her chin and she would run away. And then she would come back. She was born last spring, so she isn't full grown yet. Right now, she is the smallest sheep. Soon, she will not be. On April 1, Portia and Dolce are due to lamb...


Quilting Mama said…
so what's the word on shearing? Looks like you'll have some BEAutiful fleece to work with. Lucy would make a particularly Gorgeous sweater.

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