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No lambs. Yet. I think that Dolce is getting close. She looks like she must be terribly uncomfortable. The lamb is definitely dropping. However, I haven’t seen any tell tale signs yet. Maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow is their due date and Dolce seems like the sort of ewe who follows the rules… When other sheep run out of the barn just for the sheer naughtiness of it, she stays and eats her hay.

My banjo came yesterday and nearly the first thing I did was break a string. Brent got me a set of replacement strings today and I am already learning my first song. I have the first part of it almost down. Tomorrow I may try to play along with the cd. I had no idea that banjos were so very heavy! Glad I got an open back and not one with a resonator. I was nearly sweating blood today getting the new string in and in tune. I was worried about snapping it like I had the previous one. I was trying to get all the strings in tune when it snapped on me. I am so glad I decided to learn to play the banjo!


Unknown said…
Yay! Banjo! That is a seriously happy instrument. One of my favorite female banjoists (that just seems like a weird word!) is Abigail Washburn - inspiring! BTW, if you are ever interested, my husband does lessons online (when we moved to AK, some of his students wanted to continue taking lessons, so he does them via Skype).

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