Finally, I can get my laptop online anytime I want. It took a new router, but now everything is working fine.

I haven't taken pictures of all my fair entries and their ribbons yet. It seems like I've just been behind on these things lately. We are finally enjoying the summer and getting some relaxation. School starts for the kids at the end of the month and the week after that, I go back to work. It will be fun to get back to preschool. I love all those sweet little faces.

I've been getting back on track with my fitness plans the past few weeks. I also decided to give up sugar. And I feel great! I decided I wouldn't eat things with a lot of sugar or added sugar. Fruit juice with sugar added? No way. It's hard to find juice that I trust to not have sugar added, so I haven't drank much of that stuff for years anyway. I did decide to allow myself something sweet every week in case I ever really want something. So far I have done really well. One day I forgot I had quit sugar and ate something sweet. I don't know if it is really not eating sugar or the combination of other things, but I am feeling great. And if I am feeling like something sweet, there is always fruit.


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