Knitting Thoughts

Knitting continental has gotten easier. In fact, now I would say it feels natural. I am working on the purple hat now. It will be done just in time for it to be way too hot for wearing hats. Some mornings now we still need them.

I'm trying to decide if I really want to finish the sweater vest I had been working on before I started the hats. I'm not sure right now if I really want to wear it. Lately, I've been wondering if I really want to be done with it and not deal with it anymore. I'm not sure how much I really want to wear it. It would be cozy and warm. We'll see. Now I'm thinking of doing a shawl. But I do have a lot of projects left on the needles, so maybe I should finish a couple up first.

I haven't been finding a lot of knitting time lately. I've had this horror of a cold hanging on for three weeks. First it took me down and kicked me a lot, and now I have this horrid cough that FINALLY seems to be leaving me. It has been ages since a cold made me so sick I had to just go to bed and sleep. A few weeks ago, I spent several mornings when I didn't have work in bed sleeping. I would get the kids off to school, maybe do my chores, and then come in and sleep for several more hours. And I am a morning person. I do most of my work in the mornings, so that was a trial. I am glad to finally start feeling like myself again.

Back in February, I started on a little adventure that I don't think I've posted about here yet. I decided to try going without gluten in my diet. Starting out, I really thought it would have no effect on me, and that I would probably find it a waste of time. Just a few days into it, I was totally sold on not eating gluten. I felt better. I didn't have gas every single day. In January, we had started doing this green smoothie every day thing. It definitely gave me more energy. Quitting gluten gave me a bit more. I flat out feel better on the days I have a green smoothie as part of my breakfast. Must be all those vitamins in the kale or spinach. I am really happiest over being gluten free, though. Sometimes I think I might want a cookie or something from the bakery, but when I'm there, I actually can't bring myself to buy one. I just really don't want to go back at all.


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