Love Your Knitting

I have come to a new conclusion about my knitting. I should only knit things that I absolutely love. About 2 weeks ago, I decided to start a sweater that I've been wanting to make for 6 months. I had been thinking I would make it after finishing another sweater I have on the needles, but I decided I wanted to do it so bad that I just needed to do it. It is made with sock yarn and I have plenty of that in stash, and had already decided with 3 balls to use for it. They were originally meant to be a Stephen West shawl, but I frogged it last year because I knew that if I finished it, I'd never wear it. Anyway, it is Ravello by Isabell Kraemer. Here it is in progress:

It was going to be my take-along knitting. It ended up being too fun for just take-along knitting. Ravello has turned out to be can't-put-it-down-knitting. I think ALL my knitting ought to be this way.

At the beginning of the month, I decided it was warm enough to start running again. So Maggie and I headed out for our first run of the year one afternoon. I thought it was so great that I managed to run the first mile and a half without stopping. In fact, I was really patting myself on the back for it. For several hours. But my heel and ankle just kept hurting more and more. Until I could barely walk. I went hunting on the internet (better than going to the doctor, right?) and found that I probably had irritated my Achilles tendon. Since then, I think it probably affected another tendon down there, too. They are fine unless I step wrong. I have had to face the fact that I can not treat my body like I am 16 anymore. Now I am trying out walking for exercise. I may try running a month or two when I've had a chance to strengthen my achilles tendon and calf muscles. If I do, it will be with a couch 2 5k program.

Today, Maggie and I went for a walk:

I wore these lace up boots to keep my ankle happy.

I found these tiny little wildflowers blooming.

This is a really cool looking old fence post we found in the fence line. I wish I had a whole fence made out of tree branches.  I especially love the woven ones that you see in medieval period shows.

Enjoy your day!


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