Knitting Into New Territory

Over the weekend, I managed to get some knitting done. Here is where I am on Knitter#2's sweater:

It has a different kind of construction. The pattern calls it a shrug. She came home one day from school telling me about this cool sweater some girl at school was wearing. Her favorite thing was that it had no buttons. We went through pictures on Pinterest for days until she picked this pattern.

This is where I am with Hansel:

So close to done.  This is the beginning of the edging. Just edging to go now. I've never done an edging before, so I am in new knitting territory.  I am not sure where I will block it. Maybe I will break down a bunch of cardboard boxes to do it. When I blocked a small shoulder shawl once, that was what I did. I could also go crazy and buy blocking boards, just to be silly. They say people use them all the time...


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