The Sun!!!

The sun is shining! It seems impossible, but it is. Naturally, the wind is blowing. That is actually a good thing because it is really wet here. The rivers are all high and for the most part, flooding. Sunshine and wind are great for drying clothes on the clothesline. The smell of sunshine.

I made a mistake on my sock, but I think I caught it early enough that I don't have to rip it all out. I was doing gusset decreases every row instead of every third row. I only did it a couple times. This is the part of a sock where I really hate to rip things out. Stitches get lost so easily, especially when you are using dark colors.

The cardigan is done, except for the drawstring. Brent can help me with that tonight. That means I can work on Anouk today. I really don't like to have lots of projects going because you don't work on them or you don't get much done on any one thing. Lack of progress makes me want to give up on a project. It was a real compromise when I told myself it was ok to have a sock and a larger project going at the same time. Other people call it a project to take with them, but I never go anywhere. If I do happen to go somewhere, I take the sock project with me. I don't miss opportunities to knit in public.


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