A Finished Eye Mask

Well, it turns out that hats that allow ponytails are a little trickier than I thought. I tore out half of it last night because it didn’t cover her ears or forehead well enough. The eye mask did get finished, though:

It is now on its way to snowy Seattle. Irony of ironies: there is more snow in Seattle than there is at my house. My family up there live in west Seattle where there is currently 4” of snow on the ground. I don’t think we have 2” here. Usually, we are buried in snow and Seattle has cold rain. I realize one needs to be careful what they wish for, but I think we should have a lot more snow than we do.

I’m going to have to put down the ponytail hat for the Chanson En Crochet. I need to finish it for Christmas. Other things I need to finish or get made for Christmas: a batch of blue play dough, finish a dress and top for a small knitter, make some doll clothes, and figure out if I can make paper dolls or not. The images I saved for the paper dolls turned out to be really small and unusable. I need to return to the site and see if there is anything I can do about it. At the time I couldn’t print them off and they may print off larger from the website. We’ll see.

With the economy in the shambles it is, construction has slowed to nil and no one want to replace their furnace, so Brent is out of work. He was laid off the first week of the month. The only bright spot is that he doesn’t work in Idaho, so his unemployment check is pretty good. I never thought I would be so happy to be able to say we qualify for food stamps. It takes a load off the mind wondering if we will be able to eat for the next few months. Not to mention it is a lot more than I usually have in our budget for food. I really hope things don’t stay like this long, though.


Rima said…
That eye mask really great. Incidentally, I was thinking of making/buying one. And as for the snow, I am currently visiting Buffalo right now. I dont have to mention what kind of snow is out here right now.
Sarah said…
Oh, the eye mask is so cute! Here is a Mary Engelbreit paper doll:
She always has such nice ones. Maybe you can find some of her paper doll books, used, on Amazon.

Hope things start looking up for you and husband. :)
Sarah said…
These are cute, too:

LizzieK8 said…
If you made an ordinary knitting hat with short rows in the front to allow more covering..... Yes? No? Maybe So?
The eye mask is killer! And yes,the weather has been truly odd this year.

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