Not Knitting for the Holidays...

Long time, no blogging. I hate being time deprived. It seems to go with this time of year, though. Now, things seem to be improving. I’m caught up on my baking and we can see the kitchen counters. AND I decided not to burden myself with Christmas knitting this year. It is very freeing. I love to knit for my loved ones, but I don’t need the stress. The last few years December was just too stressful with pressure to finish things.

This year I am doing some sewing projects:

This is one that I can show here. All of my pictures go through the screensaver, so I have to be careful about loading pictures before Christmas or birthdays. This one is going to another house, and it was requested. You can’t see it in the picture, but I drew on some steaming coffee mugs to embroider on in white. When I finish it, I’ll post another picture. I love the book I got it from, Sew Pretty Homestyle. All the projects in it are pretty and prissy in pink, but as you see, you don’t gotta use pink.

I am crocheting a gift for me for Christmas. It is Chanson En Crochet from Wrapstyle. I picked the book up at the library a while back and had the kids pick out something for me to make myself for Christmas. They picked nearly every wrap in the book until I complained, and then they picked none. It was sort of a disaster, really. I picked it based on them liking it and the fact that I had yarn that would work for it. I do think I am going to really like it.

How are your holiday plans going?


Rebecca said…
Still haven't unearthed my sewing, but am rolling in yarn right now. Decided to do a lot of Christmas knitting - using stash and 4000 miles of driving time.
Sarah said…
ooo -- love the chanson. Good for you for making it for yourself!

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