Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday

This morning I took part in a little Cyber Monday shopping. I have never had so much trouble doing anything online. For some reason, I couldn’t keep an internet connection. One time I was connected for less than 2 minutes. I was relieved when I finally got my purchase made. Hopefully, this afternoon will be better. I really hope that we are able to get our high speed set up next week.

Last night I thought I’d wake up with no voice this morning. I slept very little most of the night. There is nothing like waking up every half hour to cough. Naturally, I was sleeping sound when the alarm went off. At least Knitter #3 let me have a 20 minute nap after lunch.

I had hoped that I would be able to finish my new bag over the weekend, but it was not to be. It is a messenger bag with some nice sized pockets for stuff. Like yarn or ballet clothes. Maybe by the end of the week when Knitter #2’s ballet performance happens. They are being little soldiers from The Nutcracker. It would be very nice if I only had to carry one bag into the Festival of Trees where they are performing.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Still Knit

I need to start a Christmas project really soon or the recipient will not get it in time. We have to send the holiday box to Seattle fairly soon and I haven’t even begun my niece’s gift. I guess I should get on it. The girls are going to be getting these cool scrap books that were inspired by something in preschool. All of a sudden this year, everyone is making fancy pages for the preschool pal books. Each class has a preschool pal (stuffed animal) and a spiral notebook where their parents write what they did during the week with their pal. I love the heavy pages this year and was inspired to make them some cool books. I just need to find cool pictures for the pages now. I will probably leave some empty pages for them to decorate themselves.

I’ve been working on a sweater for Knitter #2 for a month and a half now. It is coming along nicely:

There is ribbing along the pocket edges that I will need to do before I sew it up. I am halfway through it now. This will be only my second hooded sweater. When I was pregnant with Knitter #2, I made myself a Elsebeth Lavold sweater that had a hood. Hooded sweaters attract me for some reason.

Anyone out there still eating Thanksgiving leftovers? I am tired of them, so we’re having pizza tonight. There is nothing better than homemade pizza. Like Chinese food, I no longer care to buy the stuff. I like what we make here at home so much better. Eating out just doesn’t measure up anymore. I’ve been making my own pizza for at least 15 years, so I’ve had plenty of time to perfect it. MMMMMM pizza…..

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Here are the promised shots of the bag I picked up at the craft show:

I love the pin up cowgirls. All of the clipping to create the fringe on this bag is why I would never make something like this. I love all of the pockets. It also has 4 pockets on the inside. And it is huge and will hold a ton of stuff. That is always a bonus.

This is an apron I made several months ago when I was off ignoring the internet:

I love it because it will stay on even without the back being tied. It is nice when it is snugly tied in place, but I may make one without ties in the future. I love aprons that are functional. This one has nice, deep pockets. I don’t find aprons without the top half very useful. When I was a kid, I noticed that I really didn’t get flour on my apron, but it was all over my top. I love the aprons that seem to have been the uniform of women in the 1800’s and very early 1900’s.

Today we worked on our hot tub. And then we got online and ordered a new board for it, anyway. A new board is expensive, but we haven’t used ours for around 2 years. I am tired of trying to find someone to fix the board. I just want my hot tub back. It miraculously doesn’t seem to have developed any leaks. However, I will only believe it is really all good when it has been working for 7 straight days. Now we have a heat lamp in it so it will hopefully not freeze up.

I love having this extra long weekend. No getting up and getting people ready for school. I can play with my sewing machine all day if I feel like it. Bliss…

Friday, November 27, 2009

An Etsy Christmas

How time gets away from you when you aren’t blogging. Not posting for 2 months seems like I’ve been ignoring the internet, and I have. We have dial-up and it is interminably slow. We were supposed to get high speed almost 2 weeks ago, but it snowed in Colorado where our installer lives. We are now scheduled to get it on the 7th of December. Pearl Harbor Day. I will not hold my breath. I will not be shocked if I never get the equipment installed. Just thinking about it makes me mad because I have a huge, unsightly cardboard box of crap sitting in my living room waiting to go on my roof. We can’t get regular high speed internet here, so we have to get it by satellite. It is also the only way we can have tv, here.

When we painted the house, I moved in some antique furniture that used to belong to my grandmother. Probably my favorite is this desk that belonged to my great-grandmother:

I am sitting at it right now typing this post. I have loved it since I was a little girl.

I should post a picture of a bag I picked up at our local craft show last weekend. It is very nice and, as expected, Brent said “you could’ve made that”. But it is the sort of item that I wouldn’t make because of the fiddliness of it. When I post a picture tomorrow (hopefully not next year, heh heh), you will see why I say fiddly. Anyway, I decided at the craft show, that I should try to do as many hand made gifts this year as I can. Not to mean made by me necessarily. I’ve been down THAT road to perdition. I did an all handmade Christmas one year about 10 years ago. I found a few gifts on Etsy today. Sometimes I think about reopening my shop, but I have found that if I do a lot of thinking about it, I wear myself out stressing over little stuff. Rather than making stuff to sell, I freak out about composing an intro to my shop.