An Etsy Christmas

How time gets away from you when you aren’t blogging. Not posting for 2 months seems like I’ve been ignoring the internet, and I have. We have dial-up and it is interminably slow. We were supposed to get high speed almost 2 weeks ago, but it snowed in Colorado where our installer lives. We are now scheduled to get it on the 7th of December. Pearl Harbor Day. I will not hold my breath. I will not be shocked if I never get the equipment installed. Just thinking about it makes me mad because I have a huge, unsightly cardboard box of crap sitting in my living room waiting to go on my roof. We can’t get regular high speed internet here, so we have to get it by satellite. It is also the only way we can have tv, here.

When we painted the house, I moved in some antique furniture that used to belong to my grandmother. Probably my favorite is this desk that belonged to my great-grandmother:

I am sitting at it right now typing this post. I have loved it since I was a little girl.

I should post a picture of a bag I picked up at our local craft show last weekend. It is very nice and, as expected, Brent said “you could’ve made that”. But it is the sort of item that I wouldn’t make because of the fiddliness of it. When I post a picture tomorrow (hopefully not next year, heh heh), you will see why I say fiddly. Anyway, I decided at the craft show, that I should try to do as many hand made gifts this year as I can. Not to mean made by me necessarily. I’ve been down THAT road to perdition. I did an all handmade Christmas one year about 10 years ago. I found a few gifts on Etsy today. Sometimes I think about reopening my shop, but I have found that if I do a lot of thinking about it, I wear myself out stressing over little stuff. Rather than making stuff to sell, I freak out about composing an intro to my shop.


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