Here are the promised shots of the bag I picked up at the craft show:

I love the pin up cowgirls. All of the clipping to create the fringe on this bag is why I would never make something like this. I love all of the pockets. It also has 4 pockets on the inside. And it is huge and will hold a ton of stuff. That is always a bonus.

This is an apron I made several months ago when I was off ignoring the internet:

I love it because it will stay on even without the back being tied. It is nice when it is snugly tied in place, but I may make one without ties in the future. I love aprons that are functional. This one has nice, deep pockets. I don’t find aprons without the top half very useful. When I was a kid, I noticed that I really didn’t get flour on my apron, but it was all over my top. I love the aprons that seem to have been the uniform of women in the 1800’s and very early 1900’s.

Today we worked on our hot tub. And then we got online and ordered a new board for it, anyway. A new board is expensive, but we haven’t used ours for around 2 years. I am tired of trying to find someone to fix the board. I just want my hot tub back. It miraculously doesn’t seem to have developed any leaks. However, I will only believe it is really all good when it has been working for 7 straight days. Now we have a heat lamp in it so it will hopefully not freeze up.

I love having this extra long weekend. No getting up and getting people ready for school. I can play with my sewing machine all day if I feel like it. Bliss…


Rima said…
Super cute apron! Welcome back!

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