I Still Knit

I need to start a Christmas project really soon or the recipient will not get it in time. We have to send the holiday box to Seattle fairly soon and I haven’t even begun my niece’s gift. I guess I should get on it. The girls are going to be getting these cool scrap books that were inspired by something in preschool. All of a sudden this year, everyone is making fancy pages for the preschool pal books. Each class has a preschool pal (stuffed animal) and a spiral notebook where their parents write what they did during the week with their pal. I love the heavy pages this year and was inspired to make them some cool books. I just need to find cool pictures for the pages now. I will probably leave some empty pages for them to decorate themselves.

I’ve been working on a sweater for Knitter #2 for a month and a half now. It is coming along nicely:

There is ribbing along the pocket edges that I will need to do before I sew it up. I am halfway through it now. This will be only my second hooded sweater. When I was pregnant with Knitter #2, I made myself a Elsebeth Lavold sweater that had a hood. Hooded sweaters attract me for some reason.

Anyone out there still eating Thanksgiving leftovers? I am tired of them, so we’re having pizza tonight. There is nothing better than homemade pizza. Like Chinese food, I no longer care to buy the stuff. I like what we make here at home so much better. Eating out just doesn’t measure up anymore. I’ve been making my own pizza for at least 15 years, so I’ve had plenty of time to perfect it. MMMMMM pizza…..


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