Proof of Knitting

Yesterday was a hard day. We cleaned house. The children’s toys were forced back to their homes and room was made for our ‘new’ recliner. The kids’ room is still a nightmare, but at least you can see the floor in some spots. They wouldn’t clean their room until I told them they weren’t allowed in there while I was cleaning it. It worked like a charm. Of course, it was an accidental discovery.

How about proof of knitting? This is a pair of legwarmers for Knitter #2. She has ballet. Nice warm legwarmers just in time for winter to be over:

And this is Soria as of yesterday afternoon:

She no longer looks like this. If I actually knit, I could be done with Soria in less than a week.

With the legwarmers done and Soria nearing completion, I’ve been thinking about unfinished projects. I am thinking about getting out projects I haven’t worked on in a while. There’s a sweater for Knitter #2 that is about half done. And my Monkey Socks. And some socks for Brent. I may be in that place where I actually want to finish things. If that place really exists. Back in the old days, I only had 1 or 2 projects at a time and they always got finished. Then one year, I tried to make too many things at Christmas. I have had ufo problems ever since then. I don’t think I am prepared to discuss finishing the bear sweaters yet. I loved knitting the bears, but the sweaters and sewing the bears together was a whole different story. I have learned to love Christmas sewing projects since that year. I could go back to having 1 larger project and 1 small project. That would be so cool. I would feel SO on top of it then!

After we got done cleaning yesterday, I went through a knitting basket and found my Cathedral Mitten project:

What a tangled mess it was. I often wonder HOW knitting gets that way just sitting in a basket. Here is the pleasant, after shot:

I think I will finish my sock projects before tackling this one…


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