Time For a New Friend

It is time for us to get a new dog. Sam is old and blind. He is in great shape, but he can’t do any sheep herding for me. And I’d like to get a dog before he starts to go downhill. Not to mention he loves having someone to hang out with. So, I am searching around to find a nice border collie. One to herd the sheep and goats when I need to and to be a fun friend for us all. And female. I’ve been around male dogs all of my life, but Sam has been a real trial. When he was young, he wanted to fight with every male dog he met, he wanted to bite almost everyone he met, and he’d get even with me when I left him home by peeing on things. He has mellowed with age, thank heavens. Sam was a good cow dog when we were on the ranch, though. I do not want another dog in my life that I have to watch like a hawk. Finding a decent sheep dog is not easy. Everyone thinks their dog is the best stock dog ever.

I am sad that we now only have 2 cats. Spotty passed away night before last. She was almost 17. My cat, Bob, does not admit to missing her. I know she does. She’s got no one to hiss at, now. They were the same age and Bob absolutely lived to give Spot a good hissing and swat at her. Brent said she was sitting out on the porch with her friend yesterday before he buried Spot. Our outside cat, Mouser, came in to look around the house last night. I think she was probably looking around for Spot. Spot started out life with my friend Hillary and then came to live with our family. She stayed with my Dad when I got married. When Dad died, she came to our house to spend her old age with her ‘sister’. I miss her even though her early morning demands for food were annoying.

Enough animal talk. How about some allergy talk? Mine are making me miserable. I’m back to taking Benadryl and I’m a zombie. Between the lack of sleep because of allergies and the medicine to help with them, I don’t really know what I am up to. All I know for sure is I am making yogurt and we have soccer tonight.

Just for the record, I am glad March is almost over. I am ready for a new season and a new outlook. I want bright flowers, sunshine, and fun.


Quilting Mama said…
It is so sad to hear about your kitty's passing. We too have an old girl, Tina, who enjoys pestering her latest house mate.
Good luck on your search for a new herding dog. I love the pics of the animals. They are a lot of fun to watch.

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