The 21st Century

I think we’ve got all of our movie and tv watching kinks worked out for now. The computer is now hooked up and set up for watching movies instantly on Netflix and tv online. Right now we are using Hulu. We have joined the 21st century. It is shocking. Now that we’ve done that, what can possibly be left?

Our 4th was nice. We had a get together at my husband’s uncle’s house. His uncle isn’t much older than him and has kids younger than me. We took cookies to uncle John’s suggestion for ‘the kids’. I was surprised and pleased when Brent’s cousin and her soon to be sister in law ate half of them. In Brent’s mother’s side of the family, most of the women won’t eat anything to speak of for fear of gaining weight. If I’d known people would eat the cookies, I would have taken more. I also always enjoy sitting at a table with other women that don’t dye their hair blond. I don’t want anyone to be offended by that if they do that. My mother in law doesn’t think anyone who isn’t blond is pretty. Naturally, half the women in that side of the family dye their hair blond. The same half that won’t eat anything. I think they are freaks. And I think that is the sole reason the dyeing blond thing annoys me. My mother in law’s attitude.

We went and watched our fireworks that night and they were lovely. They aren’t like something you’d get in the city, but there are perks. Picking your spot to park in an empty lot near the golf course, taking snacks and drinks to eat in the back of the truck, and waving at your friends as they drive by looking for their spot. One thing I really like is that there is no music blaring to accompany the fireworks. That is something I would hate. They do that in Boise. We saw some of it on the news the next night. Brent and I agreed that it was annoying.

I had a beastly job to do today. Dehorning the little goats. Brent was no help because he couldn’t bare thinking he was hurting them. Even when I told him they could get their heads stuck in a fence on a hot day and die before anyone found them. However, my little brother came over and we got it done. There is no worse job than one that involves the smell of burning hair and the cries of little animals. Better now than later, better a little pain than a horrible injury or death later.


Quilting Mama said…
Hope the goats have forgiven you. It really is for their benefit and safety.

Good to hear your found family that likes cookies and is "natural." I have a couple who don't really eat and it's a pain when they complain about so much food being around.

Fireworks are just perfect on their own. I do confess to enjoying them with a real concert playing along too.

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