One of Those Days

Today has been one of those days you’d not want to repeat. It’s not that it was so bad, but it was not very great, either. It’s been downright depressing. I cut out a pattern for my Knitter #3 to have a dress and ruffle pants to go with. However, when I laid the pattern out on the fabric, there is just no way to get pants and a dress out of the 2 fabrics have. It is so disappointing. She will not care because she’ll get a pretty dress, but I had envisioned it with the pants.

I took some pictures of stuff today:

This is the wrap I have started. It was going to be a fair project, but I don’t think it is going to turn out that way. I’m going to track progress by the shrinking of the yarn ball. This project will only take a little more than half of it. I have a feeling that in the future, I will make my lace projects with fingering weight.

This is what our supper was cooked in tonight:

This is a casserole dish that my Grandmother had. It came with the first refrigerator they got when my Dad was in high school. Electricity came out our way in the late 40’s I think. The Grange paid for a lot of it, if not all of it. And we take it all for granted these days. Before that, they used iceblocks to keep things cold. I forget how they listened to the radio, but it seems like there was a battery with a hand crank.


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