He Went To Jared!

I’ve had a pretty decent birthday. I was a bit surprised that the phone company couldn’t really tell me when my bill was paid up to until I asked lots of probing questions. The things we are going to turn off will go off next week. I thought they were already paid for another month, so I was surprised. I guess that is a bit more money saved. I haven’t told Brent his tv is going away in less than a week.

You may be wondering about the title of this post…

Technically, he sent his mother to Jared’s for this:

It is a Pandora charm bracelet. I love it. I will either never get another charm for it, or I will never get anything else from my family… I love that the charm says ‘Forever Together’.

There is nothing more fun than killing loads of time on Ravelry. This morning I went on the hunt for knit longs. I joined a couple for socks, one for washcloths and one for some project I couldn’t remember the name of until I typed this sentence. Versatility from the fall 2008 Knitty.

There is a bit of good news on the unemployment front. There is another bill up for consideration in Congress. But they are off on a 1 week vacation now.


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