I really hate when, through my own bad judgment, I lose half a blog post. I didn’t have to just flip the breaker without thinking to go shut off the computer… All in an effort to fix an outlet and get the Christmas lights up. We don’t have lights on the house yet because the roof is still covered in snow. I’m sure it will all melt off and Brent will be able to get up there to put them up.

This morning, I took pictures of our herd having breakfast:

Portia and Dolce

Friday, Brent managed to get a lot of work done on the sheep barn. It now has 3 walls completed along with windows. I am hoping he can get the 4th wall and door in so we can keep the sheep there. Things are a bit crowded and complicated up at the goat barn. The goats are spending their nights in a stall while the sheep are all crammed in the main pen. All so that the 2 newest girls can be separated every morning to get their grain. They’ve just been bred, so they get a bit extra in the morning for a while. Portia and Dolce are very keen to get sorted off every morning for a special treat: barley and corn. When they are off the special treat train in a few weeks, things will be less complicated.

I’ve been doing some serious thinking about Christmas stuff. I’d like to make the girls some slippers for Christmas, but I don’t want to put any extra stress on myself. There will be plenty of that without me piling more on. I’d like to keep myself on track with only having 2 knitting projects at a time. It has taken me years to get back to it. And I need to do the finish work on at least one project that is finished knitting. I think I’ll look through my ravelry queue and see what’s there. A while back I promised myself to try to knit from it instead of just adding things to it. What is the point if I NEVER make things I’ve put in it? I can’t say I NEVER make things from the list, but I make lots of things I’ve never bothered adding to the list.

PS. It seems I will be adding pictures later as Blogger is acting up.

PSS. Pictures! Yay!


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