It is all so exciting now. School is out for me and Knitter #3. #2 gets out tomorrow. Knitting for the fair is in full swing. It is finally starting to warm up. We have 3 dogs for the month of June. We got a 14 foot trampoline. FREE! AND…. My younger brother/sister is bringing fabric back when s/he returns from a trip to Thailand. That is so freaking exciting!

Since I’ve brought up my younger sibling being transgender… I have to say that in a conservative state like this I worry about her safety and you will probably not see me bring it up again.

So, Sunny is ours for the next month! Some of you may have seen a picture of her visiting last year. Expect lots of pictures over the coming month. The sheep and most of the goats have not taken too much notice of her yet. However, tonight, Zoe and Belle freaked out when they saw her. I can just imagine what they were thinking when they saw a strange devil dog rushing at them… (Really she was just rushing to meet me) They didn’t turn tail and run for their lives, but I think it was only because I seemed completely unconcerned. And I am their mother who they always trust.


Quilting Mama said…
Looking forward to seeing your fabric gift and praying your sib's visit is fun for all of you and uneventful for those who shouldn't care anyway.

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