The weather here is so nice right now. Makes you just want to be outside. So I have been. First of all, we went yard saling. And then I mowed the yard. We have a new lawnmower. It is one of those Toro Recycler mowers. High ratings with Consumer Reports. It is self propelled. To say it the Dick and Jane way: See Kathy. See Kathy run. See Kathy run after the lawnmower. I finally got used to it and didn’t feel as if I was being dragged. And I didn’t have to push and shove to get it up hill. Nice. Anyone who has a perfectly flat yard has not lived. I planned on fertilizing tonight after I put the birds to bed and turning on the sprinkler system, but it’s raining I hope someday our yard will look less like a patchy pasture and more like a lawn.

My knitting felt like it was going really well until I looked at the pattern. I’d gotten to the 15 inches needed before splitting the front from back when I noticed I was supposed to do some neckline shaping starting at the 10 inch mark. Oops. And it wasn’t the sort of thing that could be fixed by laddering down, either. I haven’t had that big of a rip in years. It would help if I hadn’t lost track of my pattern. (note that I don’t say ‘lost’)

Summer break is nearly upon us here. This week my baby, my littlest knitter, will graduate from preschool. My boss says preschool will be strange without our 2 youngest kids. They’ve always been there right from the beginning. I think we will get by without them. And if we think we won’t, we can just remember all the times they got crabby and were a pain in the you know where. Where was I? Summer. No schedule to stick to every day. Heaven.


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