A Long, Cold Spring

This spring has been horrible around here. So cold the grass wouldn’t grow. When it warmed up, the ground had dried out and the grass didn’t grow. We’ve been getting some rain lately. This morning it was 37, the wind was blowing and it is still raining. The snow has been very slow to melt in the mountains. If it is 37 here, it is snowing up on the mountain. I’d rather it be warmer while it rains. Bring on the rain, I say. Last year was an amazing grass year. There was grass higher than my head, and I am average height. I’d be devastated if we ended up with NO grass this year. I could go on and on about grass issues, but I won’t.

I am working on my fair list now. I want to take several sweaters, but I have to make sure I can get them done in time. I think when I finish my current vest, I will start my Icelandic pullover. It seems like if I want to accomplish 11 in 2011, I should get on it and knit something. I also want to work from my yarn stash and my Ravelry queue. Somewhere, I have a fair book that lists all the categories. I find it interesting the categories our county DOESN’T have in knitting. Like shawls. Anyway, I would like to knit some smaller things if I can get the sweaters done.

I need take some new pictures of the lambs. They have grown a lot and their horns are starting to grow. In addition, one of them it turns out, is dark brown, not black. They are gray underneath like their parents. The reason they will not have names is because they can’t stay here. We will probably eat them. If there was a possibility one could stay here as a ram, we still would not want to play with him and make him a pet. Rams can be dangerous so you just can’t do that with them. The rule with rams is that they do not race up to you and tear snacks from your fingers. It is their nature to be aggressive since they are male and if your ram thinks he can run up and hit you like he does his companions, you will get hurt. Not good. Those sort of rams end up as sausages quite often I hear.

Something new: I’m learning to play the banjo right now! Last night, I started learning Angelina Baker because Knitter #2 is going to start learning it in fiddle class soon.


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