The Coming New Year

This is a project I’ve been working on lately:

It is a sock monkey I was making for Knitter #3’s birthday in October. She would like to play with it someday.

I have a few plans for the New Year. More knitting. More blogging. Weight loss. Getting in shape before I am 40 in the summer. That is my real goal. The weight loss will happen. I want to be able to say on my 40th birthday that I am finally fit again. I used to be before I had kids. What’s my plan? Well, I actually started about 2 months ago. Eating carefully, exercising, and being serious about it. The stars finally seemed to come into alignment in October, so I got started. And I can tell I am on my way. I feel so much stronger already.

I would also like to dress up a little more. I used to admire a blog where someone cataloged their cute vintage outfits. I like vintage. I am a huge fan of the early 1900’s. Need I say that I can’t get enough of Downton Abbey? I love the clothes, the hats. Not just the flashy outfits of the daughters, but the outfits you see the maids in when they are off duty. I am determined to make myself another skirt like my favorite denim one. Only not in denim. I recently was introduced to Sock Dreams by a friend on a long hair forum. That place has socks that make you want to wear a skirt!

I’ve decided to talk about my hair and hair care here a bit, so here is my hair:

Last summer I started using henna on it to cover up some horrible highlights I had put in a few years ago. I love the color. And since it is not chemical, I can do my eyebrows to match. I do the henna every couple months, but my eyebrows need touched up more often. Probably in a few years I will quit using the henna and let my natural color grow out before I start to really go gray.


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