I Love Knitalongs

Yesterday I was thinking about how much knit blogging has changed over the years. When I first started, knitting blogs were around every corner on the internet. If you were thinking about making a certain new scarf/sweater/sock pattern from Knitty, you could find bloggers making it. Now you look on Ravelry for that. And most of the knit bloggers have faded away into the ether. I spent last night looking for knitting blogs that are still active. Most of the ones I used to read are gone. Either defunct or changed into something else. Earlier this year I asked myself if I should make the 'goodbye' post that I've seen on a lot of blogs in the past few years. However, I love blogging even though I don't do it much. I've always wanted to be one of those people who could find something to say every day. I've decided to try to have something to say 4 or 5 times a week. We'll see how this goes.

Today I am showing you my orange sock project:

I worked on these a bit yesterday. This is the second sock. I wear socks like these quite a bit, so I thought I'd give this pattern a try last summer. I don't actually have enough of the orange yarn to finish them, so I will will be finishing with some leftover yarn from the red scarf I made last year.

I am now just a row or two away from the decreases on my lopi sweater. Very exciting stuff. I decided to join a 13 sweater knitalong for 2013. I think I can count this one. One of the knitalongs I am going to attempt to do lets you count things you are currently working on. It could be the sock one, though. I am pretty sure I could knit 13 sweaters in a year. I have knit a lot of sweaters in my life. And my kids could use some. I also decided to go for it and join a shawl knitalong. It is called 12 Shawls Forever. I don't think I could knit 12 small shawls in a year, but I could knit several. And I love shawls. They are perfect for keeping cozy and warm. Plus they are beautiful. Not sure what my first up will be since I can't count the Stephen West one I started a year and a half ago. I still have to finish a couple projects before I can start on a shawl for the knitalong. Gives me a reason to get that knitting mojo going, though! The knitalongs I've decided to try to do are all Ravelry groups and are linked in the side bar under 'Things I'm Doing'.

I hope everyone out there has a happy and safe New Year!


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