New Year's Goals, 2013

I decided to make some knitting goals for the new year. Here they are:

1 I am going to knit more. I love to knit.
2 I am going to learn to knit continental. Probably on a sweater project.
3 Learn to knit socks on circular needles
4 Do 2 socks at once.
5 Quit starting new projects all the time.

Back when I started this blog, I knit 1, maybe 2 things at a time. One year at Christmas I went insane and started too many projects. Ever since then I have been wallowing in projects. Yesterday I successfully prevented myself from starting some earwarmers. My new plan is that if I want to start something new, I have to finish 2 current projects first. I am really tired of having all these unfinished projects laying around. Sick and tired of it. Some will probably end up being frogged. And if I am not going to want to knit them, why not? I'll use the yarn knitting something I WANT to knit. I have loads of fingering weight yarns laying around dying to be knit into mittens from Nancy's Bush's books. And into tams.

I'm going to have to get a running total of projects I have going so I know what I am up against as far as finishing stuff. Maybe I will post a list in the side bar or something. That would be fun.

Lately I have been knitting on my Lopi sweater. I am almost done. I am well into knitting the yoke, the most fun part of the whole sweater.


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