My Knitting Project List

I've made my list of projects have going. I think I have them all. Now I am considering whether I should try the one project until its done method. It is actually mostly what I have been doing recently. And it does seem like most of my projects are well on their way to being done. Some of the projects way down the list aren't, but I am not sure I will bother with completing them. One of my sock projects is going to require the book to either reappear or be bought again. Here is my list:

Lopi sweater
Bonsai vest
bun hat
orange socks
brown socks
purple mittens
Brent's socks
Earth Sky shawl
Revontuli shawl
Cathedral mittens
mystery scarf

I even made a short list of things I would like to make or need, but I am not going to bother posting it. It will no doubt change before I get a few of these things done. Here is a picture of my current project, the Lopi sweater:

I am just a few rows from the first decrease of the yoke. Very exciting stuff because I've been having a hard time keeping all the stitches on the needles. Especially if the little knitters touch it.

Here is a picture of my updo from a couple days ago:

This is a nautilus bun held with my large flexi-8.

I haven't been doing anything for my hair lately, so I have promised myself to give it a good oiling tonight. Tomorrow will be wash day, so tonight is perfect for a heavy oiling.

Last summer I cut myself some layers and long side bangs. I cut the bangs long so if I wanted them shorter, I could trim further. After a few months, I have decided to let everything grow out. I really hate the layers poking out of my braid because they tend to poke my through my shirt. I find it almost impossible to wear a braid these days unless I bun the braid. And I love braids. My next trim will be in February, but I really don't think it will make a difference in my braid poking me through my clothes. I didn't cut any of the layers above my shoulders, but the growing out will probably take a couple years. The worst offenders seem to be the longer ones, so hopefully a year from now the poky braid business will have passed.


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