Friday, June 28, 2013

And Life Moves On

Yesterday I was celebrating my new Fitbit charger. Today I found the old one wedged down in the chair I like to sit in. And I had stuck my hand down there hunting for the thing a couple weeks ago! Obviously, my tape measure means more to me, because I dug deep enough to find the charger. My tape measure was laying on the kitchen table right where I left it this morning. Blah.

This morning I dyed the yarn for my next sweater project. It is the most yarn I have ever dyed all at once. 5 skeins. And the bottom skein is darker than all the rest. I am not sure what to do about it. I could dye the others more. Or I could alternate rows with another skein, but I don't really want a striped sweater. I might just throw the others back in the pot. Three of them anyway. Another skein that was down low in the pot is a perfect combination of darker and lighter. I could keep it the way it is. I love experiments.

My birthday is coming up in a few days and tomorrow we are going shopping for my birthday gift. It will probably be a gift card for JoAnn's. That would be handy for the dresses I'd like to make after I get done with my skirt making projects. I am so picky about clothes I prefer to pick things myself or make my own. And I hate spending a lot of money, another reason to make my own. Although I am willing to spend more money on clothes off of etsy. Unique, interesting, and made to fit ME, not some industry standard size.

Thursday's Post

Knitting never goes a fast as you imagine it will. I think the past couple days I have only managed to gain an inch a day on my sweater. And I have some other projects all lined up to do, but I have to do the sweater first. I really hate that. But it works. For me, one project at a time is the only way I get things done. Of course, I do have a bunch of UFO's that need attention. Let's pretend they don't exist for a bit.

I am happy today because my new charger for my Fitbit came AND my new stainless steel straws. A year or two ago, I saw an awesome idea on Etsy. It was using canning jars as reusable cold drink containers. And after I discovered them, I found the straws. Around Father's Day I ordered a set of straws and got some canning jars just for making into drink cups. Hopefully, they will fit in the cup holder of my Jeep. Not that I couldn't use them for canning, of course. I actually ended buying the wrong jars. The ones I meant to get were actually smaller. I like the larger, 24 oz size I got since I am now supposed to drink 100 oz of water and/or juice a day. Here is my new toy in action:

I love reusable stuff. Disposable things are such a waste of world resources. It is why I shop at thrift stores and make my own stuff. I like to feel like I use fewer resources than most people. But maybe I really don't, it is hard to say.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm a Real Designer, Now

I have always wanted to design knit things. Even before I wanted to dye yarn and get those perfect, just right colors, I wanted to be a designer. Now I am. I got set up for selling patterns on Ravelry quite a while ago. At least 6 months ago. Today I uploaded my first pattern. There will be more to follow. I've been writing down all my patterns for ages so I could remake them, and now that is going to come in handy. There will be editing and pictures to add, but I enjoy this kind of work.

My progress on my chore sweater is not exactly what I would like it to be. But it grows an inch or so a day. I don't think I will have it finished before my birthday like I wanted. However, I DID find my missing dpn's, so I don't have to buy some just to make the sleeves. I can't tell you what a relief that is.

I should have every size up to US10/6mm because I bought them all years ago from a Canadian site called Yarnforward. There is even an ergonomic needle that got slammed in the door of our jeep once. Bamboo or wood needles would have been finished, but metal bends. Speaking of knitting needles, have you seen the square needles everyone online is selling? Honestly, I just don't think so. I am not making a square stitch, I am making a roundish one. I don't think anything could induce me to buy a bunch of square knitting needles. I suppose they are counting on people not wanting to be left out of a trend, and they probably will sell loads of them to people who think they need different, unique knitting needles. I'd rather dress different than everyone else, myself.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sweater Projects

Here are the projects I mentioned in my last post:

The doggy sweater is the one I mentioned 2 posts back where I had swatched with different sized needles. It is for cute, adorable Humphrey who belongs to my husbands sweet heart of an uncle. He is a long haired Chihuahua. I think that is what you call them when they have hair, anyway. Humphrey is so tiny I was worried about how he would keep warm in the winter. Uncle Jimmy is a senior and on a limited budget, so I knew he couldn't be out buying little coats for Humphrey. So I stepped in with my knitting needles and a pattern. I can't wait to post some pictures of him in his sweater.

This is my chore sweater. My goal is to have it done by my birthday next week. Laugh if you wish. I am very excited about this project and have been knitting on it like crazy, so it COULD happen. If I could just find the dpns I am going to need for the sleeves in a few days....

Yesterday on Ravelry, I was looking at a sweater pattern that I am planning on making for fall. I have been in love with it for a while, so I decided to look at the designers other designs. Which led to her blog. I am in love with her Dress + Cardigan project series. I'd decided a few days ago that I wanted to make a couple dresses this summer, so it seemed so serendipitous to find that. I actually have a couple dresses in various states of progress, so I will check my project box before I cut anything out.

One of my goals this year and this summer is to use up some of the yarn and fabric I have just laying around. My chore sweater is one of those projects. I am planning to make a bunch of patchwork skirts this summer to use use up some of the fabric I have in storage totes under my work table. I remember when I didn't really have a fabric or yarn stash. It seems like a happy time in retrospect. But if I didn't have those stashes, I might not being doing much making this summer. There is going to be a scary hospital bill eventually (no insurance). Making is the only way I am getting new dresses/skirts/tops for this fall. I have plenty of patterns I haven't tried, so why not? I don't always have the right yarn, though. This just means I need to be more creative! There are some old sweaters I never wear, and they could be re-knit into something I would actually wear.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Beat the Odds

I've been MIA around here for a while. Only partly because of the following story. A month ago (May 19), I almost died from septic shock. I got sepsis from a urinary tract infection and giant kidney stone. The kidney stone was completely blocking my kidney from emptying. My local hospital sent me on to a bigger hospital in Boise to have emergency surgery to get rid of the kidney stone. I was feeling very sick by the time they were prepping me for surgery. But I was so out of it, I couldn't even think to complain to a nurse about it. Or even Brent. When they got me into surgery, all kinds of things started going wrong. My blood pressure dropped, temperature spiked up to over 103, and my heart started racing. I can remember someone seemed to be yelling at me asking if I had a family history of heart problems. The next thing I knew, I was surrounded by a lot of people who were all talking and one of them was telling me I didn't have the surgery, I had septic shock and was in the ICU. And then I went back to sleep. I was in the ICU from sunday night to Tuesday evening and then was released from the hospital on that Thursday. It seemed like a horrific experience at the time. I had iv's sticking out of me all over the place and was on heavy duty pain killers for the stent they put in my kidney to keep it draining.

The worst thing of all was that we'd left the girls with grandma and I hadn't given them hugs and kisses when I left them. And I almost never saw them again! I will never, ever make that mistake again. Anyway, I had my surgery on the 6th of June and am finally started feeling like myself again. Septic shock takes a toll, though. I am not really myself yet, and that will take months. I get very tired every afternoon and have to have a nap or dinner may not get made.

One day I was doing some searching on the internet and found a site with survivor stories. I read quite a few and was humbled. Every single story I read was worse than mine. Some were marginally worse like just spending more time in ICU. Some stories were nightmares. There were people whose symptoms were ignored by doctors and nurses. People who were hospitalized for months. The urologist who did my surgery told us the morning I got out of the hospital that I nearly died. But I am thankful that I was in the hospital I was sent to. They recognized quickly what was happening which is very important for a good outcome with sepsis and septic shock. I am alive because I was there and not somewhere else. 25-50% of people who get it DIE. That is a really high mortality rate. I am a really lucky, fortunate person.

I've been knitting. I finished a dog sweater the other day and have started EZ's seamless raglan for a chore sweater. Pictures next post!