Sweater Projects

Here are the projects I mentioned in my last post:

The doggy sweater is the one I mentioned 2 posts back where I had swatched with different sized needles. It is for cute, adorable Humphrey who belongs to my husbands sweet heart of an uncle. He is a long haired Chihuahua. I think that is what you call them when they have hair, anyway. Humphrey is so tiny I was worried about how he would keep warm in the winter. Uncle Jimmy is a senior and on a limited budget, so I knew he couldn't be out buying little coats for Humphrey. So I stepped in with my knitting needles and a pattern. I can't wait to post some pictures of him in his sweater.

This is my chore sweater. My goal is to have it done by my birthday next week. Laugh if you wish. I am very excited about this project and have been knitting on it like crazy, so it COULD happen. If I could just find the dpns I am going to need for the sleeves in a few days....

Yesterday on Ravelry, I was looking at a sweater pattern that I am planning on making for fall. I have been in love with it for a while, so I decided to look at the designers other designs. Which led to her blog. I am in love with her Dress + Cardigan project series. I'd decided a few days ago that I wanted to make a couple dresses this summer, so it seemed so serendipitous to find that. I actually have a couple dresses in various states of progress, so I will check my project box before I cut anything out.

One of my goals this year and this summer is to use up some of the yarn and fabric I have just laying around. My chore sweater is one of those projects. I am planning to make a bunch of patchwork skirts this summer to use use up some of the fabric I have in storage totes under my work table. I remember when I didn't really have a fabric or yarn stash. It seems like a happy time in retrospect. But if I didn't have those stashes, I might not being doing much making this summer. There is going to be a scary hospital bill eventually (no insurance). Making is the only way I am getting new dresses/skirts/tops for this fall. I have plenty of patterns I haven't tried, so why not? I don't always have the right yarn, though. This just means I need to be more creative! There are some old sweaters I never wear, and they could be re-knit into something I would actually wear.


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