I'm a Real Designer, Now

I have always wanted to design knit things. Even before I wanted to dye yarn and get those perfect, just right colors, I wanted to be a designer. Now I am. I got set up for selling patterns on Ravelry quite a while ago. At least 6 months ago. Today I uploaded my first pattern. There will be more to follow. I've been writing down all my patterns for ages so I could remake them, and now that is going to come in handy. There will be editing and pictures to add, but I enjoy this kind of work.

My progress on my chore sweater is not exactly what I would like it to be. But it grows an inch or so a day. I don't think I will have it finished before my birthday like I wanted. However, I DID find my missing dpn's, so I don't have to buy some just to make the sleeves. I can't tell you what a relief that is.

I should have every size up to US10/6mm because I bought them all years ago from a Canadian site called Yarnforward. There is even an ergonomic needle that got slammed in the door of our jeep once. Bamboo or wood needles would have been finished, but metal bends. Speaking of knitting needles, have you seen the square needles everyone online is selling? Honestly, I just don't think so. I am not making a square stitch, I am making a roundish one. I don't think anything could induce me to buy a bunch of square knitting needles. I suppose they are counting on people not wanting to be left out of a trend, and they probably will sell loads of them to people who think they need different, unique knitting needles. I'd rather dress different than everyone else, myself.


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