Thursday's Post

Knitting never goes a fast as you imagine it will. I think the past couple days I have only managed to gain an inch a day on my sweater. And I have some other projects all lined up to do, but I have to do the sweater first. I really hate that. But it works. For me, one project at a time is the only way I get things done. Of course, I do have a bunch of UFO's that need attention. Let's pretend they don't exist for a bit.

I am happy today because my new charger for my Fitbit came AND my new stainless steel straws. A year or two ago, I saw an awesome idea on Etsy. It was using canning jars as reusable cold drink containers. And after I discovered them, I found the straws. Around Father's Day I ordered a set of straws and got some canning jars just for making into drink cups. Hopefully, they will fit in the cup holder of my Jeep. Not that I couldn't use them for canning, of course. I actually ended buying the wrong jars. The ones I meant to get were actually smaller. I like the larger, 24 oz size I got since I am now supposed to drink 100 oz of water and/or juice a day. Here is my new toy in action:

I love reusable stuff. Disposable things are such a waste of world resources. It is why I shop at thrift stores and make my own stuff. I like to feel like I use fewer resources than most people. But maybe I really don't, it is hard to say.


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