Cold Anyone?

I've been knitting a lot lately. Yay! I love getting time to knit. I'm getting closer to done with the first Christmas sweater. For the past week I have been working on some patterns for the shop, so I've been neglecting the sweater a bit. My brother was also in the house and he is allergic to wool, so I packed up a lot of my projects and got them out of the way while he was here. He headed over to our other siblings house Monday afternoon, so I dug everything back out. While he was here, I mostly worked on this:

It is a design for my pattern shop made with my Moon Stone Farm Wool Bamboo yarn in Red. The yarn is soft, I just love it. I've also been working on writing up the pattern for this little thing:

I couldn't believe it, but I never wrote down any notes when I made it. No needle size, no stitch count, no nothing. It is driving me nuts. I try a new needle size every day. I will have it down soon. And this is an updated shot of some green shorty socks I've had on cute little circular needles for a while:

These are the Pom Pom Peds pattern from Purl Soho (ravelry link).

You know, I really thought last winter was a long, cold haul. This year gave it a run for its money and has beat it. We haven't had as much snow and below zero cold here in the Northwest, but it has been cold. Last January it got cold and stayed that way. This January it got cold, foggy, and hazy thanks to a couple inversions. I'm sick of being cold. But at least the sun is back. If you have some extra snow, send it here. We are a bit short so far. Whatever you have left, send to California. Someone Brent and I know went through Donner Pass a while back and he said there was almost no snow there.

We are well into the New Year now. How are my goals going you ask? Hmm. Some not so good. Some, much better.

  1. I am going to knit more with my own yarn. Great!
  2. I am going to knit at least 6 big projects that I already have the yarn for Still working on this
  3. Keep up with an exercise schedule Eh. I am having a HARD time getting into it
  4. Drink 4 jars of water every day So so. One week good, another not.

I really don't know how to get myself more enthused about getting into my exercise. The past couple of weeks have been a bit off because my uncle was in the hospital and then the nursing home with terminal cancer. It was sudden and quick. Anyway, maybe things will start to get back on track, now.


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