It is snowing. It has been snowing for days. If I'd known that whining about our lack of snow on my blog would work, I could have done that the day after Christmas! In spite of the fact that it started snowing on Thursday, it didn't really start to pile up until last night. It was too cold before. Now it is even warmer and there are big fluffy bits falling from the sky. No complaints here.

Snow makes it perfect knitting weather. I've gotten the mug cozy I showed here the other day all figured out and almost finished. I can't decide if I want to make several more for the pictures or just stop at one. I think I will probably make more. They are fun, quick, useful, and I have lots of worsted remnants to use making them. What I really need to do is finish the horse sweater I was making for Christmas. I haven't touched it lately and I think it is starting to feel unloved. The last time I took a picture it was just a few inches of blue knitted up. Now it really looks like something. The next one up on the list has penguins on it. It was also supposed to be for christmas. This year I will make a mental note about not doing any swaps when I am working on Christmas projects.


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