Why I Love Low Tech

I almost had a huge disaster yesterday. I dropped my tablet and I couldn't get it to come back on. Previously, I hadn't worried much about the documents I keep on the tablet. My tablet is fine now, but after a lot of worry, I got all the important stuff stored in 'the cloud' and I can now access them from anywhere. When I was holding that thing and couldn't get it to come back to life, all I could think was that my work was all lost. In the past, I didn't want to store my stuff in the cloud, it was just so much easier to just have it on my pc or tablet. Technology can be wonderful, and also the bane of your existence. I have a friend who dislikes technology and seems to think that if she doesn't allow it in her house, it will go away. Ha. But it is nice to have a friend who likes low tech stuff as much as I do. Some of my favorite low tech stuff: my hand powered can opener, my hand crank coffee grinder, our french press, and, of course, our old school cheese/potato/chocolate/anything shredder. To operate those things, all I need is hands. They don't quit working and nothing is lost if it can't quit working.

Today, the sun is shining! That means knitting pictures:

First, the socks I've been working on. I have worn the first pair I made that are orange and red and love them. These are made with a different MSF yarn.

And now the sweater. It has come a long way. I am hoping to finish it this weekend. I hope it fits Knitter#2. If it doesn't, I will be upset. I don't have extra yarn to make it bigger or longer. No one likes to work on a project for a long time and have it turn out too small. The worst of it is I can practically see Knitter#2 growing. Her feet are almost as big as mine. I am pretty sure that even if the sweater fits her now, it won't in the fall. The risks you take knitting something for your kids.


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