Hot and Cold

I made a decision on my socks the other night. I decided to abandon the heel pattern and just knit my favorite slip stitch heel and a plain foot. All of the sudden I can't quit knitting on them. Happiness reigns once again in Knittingland. Just take a gander at these heel flaps:

One of them I am going to rip back a couple rows because I actually made it a couple of rows too long. My next sock will be a nice, plain sock that I have no doubt that I will love knitting. Maybe by next winter I will have a pair for every single cold day of the week. And they are all cold in Idaho.
I've been trying to decide what kind of yarn to use for the Hapalong. It seems like I used to have a lot of plain colored Knit Picks Palette that I could dye for the project. I really should pull out my yarn tubs and dig through them for yarn. Who knows what kind of treasure I might find. Every time I pull them out, I find something I have forgotten about.

Last week was spring break here. It was so nice to have a lazy non-demanding week. I am really looking forward to summer. I have big knitting plans for the summer. I want to make EZ's Pi shawl in July. How I came about that particular time for knitting it, I don't know. And I have two sweaters that I started planning at least 5 years ago and bought yarn for at that time. I want to actually make them this year. In my mind, I will get up early and enjoy a cup of coffee out on the back deck in my favorite chair while knitting on whatever my current favorite project is. In reality, I will probably have to spend that time in the garden so I don't have to get heat stroke and a sunburn working in the garden. It gets really hot here in the summer and really cold in the winter. However, I am going to indulge in dreams for a few weeks.


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