I have some knitting ambitions.  One would be to find a missing project and get it into my bedside knitting basket.  I suspect I tucked it in a trunk that is full of yarn and a few ignored projects.  It seems like I may have put it in there a while back when I was tidying up.  Right now, it might be easier to just start a different project to have for bedroom knitting. There is no lack of things that I want to knit, that is for sure.

When I started the year, I wanted to make a knitted accessory every month.  I am not sure I accomplished that for April, and I definitely haven't yet for May. Part of my reason for wanting to do that was to have warm things to wear when winter comes round again, and partly to have a few gifts ready before the holiday crunch time rolls around. And maybe for birthdays, too.

Here is a little list of things that I really would like to knit this summer:

Kate Davies' Shore Street
Ella Gordon's Crofthoose Hat
Two-Color Cotton Cowl by Purl Soho (but in wool)
Chilly Podsters by Glenna C

The nice thing about the projects in the list above, is that I have yarn picked out and on hand for all of them.  I can start them anytime, but  I need to swatch for a sweater or two, as well. For a while I have really wanted to make an Oa and a Cockatoo Brae. It seems definite that I have some yarn winding in my near future.

 And I have this ambition of knitting several pairs of socks for all of us before it gets cold out. Oh yeah, I am full of knitting ambition!


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