Busy Times

I have been really busy outside lately, so my knitting time has been taking a hit. So many weeds to kill, yard to mow, garden to rototill, garden to plant.  And Charlie the roping dummy gets lonely if we don't play with him.

However, I've been getting a few rows on my sock nearly every day. Small progress, but progress none the less.  And I have started this:

It is a swatch for the Oa that I want to make.  The colors don't have enough contrast for my sweater, but it is the yarn I am planning on using. I am going to use a lighter gray with the natural black color. The yarn I am using is Cascade 220 sport which is a bit thinner than Buachaille.This particular yarn is not superwash.  I really don't believe that superwash makes for a good sweater. I like a yarn that will stick to itself when I am making most things.  Even with socks, it would be my preference since I handwash all my knits anyway.

I also wound all of the Buachaille that I showed you last time.  It is going to be the Shore Street hat from Kate Davies' Inspired By Islay book.  Last winter was a really hard winter here, and it was such a delight to get a new pattern from her every week. Hopefully, Inspired by Islay will lead to a very warm, cozy winter this year.  If we have less than 4 feet of snow, I will NOT be disappointed.


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