Knitting Resumes

What I have been knitting lately.  Have I been knitting?  Yes, just not much.  A row here and there on some socks.  Life has gotten really stressful and complicated.  But it does that.  Yesterday I realized I needed to just get back to my bliss and promised myself time to knit every day.

The socks you see there have been a labor of love for me.  They are knee socks made to fit me perfectly.  Over the past couple of years I realized I really don't care for patterned socks.  I just don't like knitting them.  I love a plain vanilla sock.  But they don't fit me very well because I don't have the average foot or leg.  For my height, I have rather long feet. And my legs and feet are both on the skinny side.  No wonder then, that when I made Susan B Anderson's How I Make Socks pattern, they were nearly falling off me.

Last summer, I bought Kate Atherley's Custom Fit Socks.  I've been using it since some time last fall or summer to create a sock pattern for myself.  After getting these done, I may use her charts to make myself a plain vanilla sock that is not a knee sock.  We will see.

I have a few projects that need to get done, so maybe this extra knitting time I have promised myself will help with the backlog.

What else am I up to?  Learning to play the guitar. Learning to do leatherwork. Closing my yarn shop on Etsy and letting the Lord guide my life more every day.  I am going to plan on posting here a couple times a week about my knitting and spinning. And maybe with enough knitting, my life will get less complicated and stressed.


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