Happy Birthday to me! This morning I got this fabulous present from my girls:

Knitter #2 helped me make these this afternoon:

AND I am getting pizza for supper. Pizza that I don’t have to make!

After telling you all about the fat riddled goodies I am having for my birthday, how about a weight loss report? So far, I’ve lost 5 lbs. I am ecstatic to break the 140lb barrier. I haven’t weighed less than 140 since I got pregnant the first time. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll be breaking into the old jeans a month from now.

The Tour de France KAL is starting on Saturday, so I thought it was high time I show everyone what my 3 projects are going to be:

They are hats, fingerless mitts, and and a scarf. How does this tie in with the Tour de France or France in general? If you are going to go on a bike ride in French Alps, I think you need to dress warmly. The nice thing about these projects is that I can use up some left over balls of yarn. The scarf is Palindrome, the mitts are called Evangeline, and the hat is Foliage. They are hiding out in our new fire pit that Brent finished over the weekend.


Rose said…
Happy Birthday! Love, love, love the bracelet. Those are the very best gifts.
Rima said…
Happy Birthday!

For some more encouragement and support, when you reach your weight loss goal, you are getting a gift from me :)
Rebecca said…
Congrats on the weight loss! Glad you had a good birthday.
Makenzie said…
Happy Belated Birthday! May I ask what kind of cupcakes those are? Cupcakes are my signature dessert and I bring a different kind to every party. I love to try new recipes and those definitely look delicious.

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